My Gardener Maintenance Specifications


Lawns mowed weekly or as necessary depending on weather and seasonal growth patterns.  Turf to be edged and trimmed every other week during growing season.  Turf edging and trimming to be done around all concrete surfaces, mowstrips, trees, and borders.  Broadleaf weeds will be spot sprayed.  New accounts with an abundance of broadleaf weeds will require additional treatment methods at additional cost to be determined.  Fertilizing will be done every 8 weeks, using a time-release formula appropriate for the season.  Regular inspection of all lawn areas for insects, disease, and sprinkler coverage problems.

Turf Aeration

Aeration (plugging) to be performed in the spring free of charge to all yearly contracted clients.

Shrubs, Hedges, and Trees 

All shrubs, hedges and trees 12' and under will be trimmed in a formal or informal manner, whichever is required to match others in area, or best applicable for the species.  Fertilizer will be applied as needed to maintain healthy growth and development.  Removal of all dead wood, and tree sucker clipping done on a regular basis.  Some plant material will be cut back to generate new growth, or to manage and manipulate existing shapes, depending on plant varieties.  Tree branches will be trimmed to allow safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians, and will be kept back from pathways, fences and buildings.  Regular inspection and treatment of minor insect and diseases.  Notification of any dead trees or shrubs, replacement cost to be determined.

Ground Covers and Planting Areas

Trimming, edging and fertilizing as needed to maintain thick, healthy groundcovers, and to keep them away from paths, driveways, buidings, fences, trees, and shrubs.  These areas will be kept reasonably free of weeds.  Certain situations may require the use of a weed pre-emergent at additional cost.

Blowing and Debris Clean Up

After each visit, debris to be blown from planters, walkways, sidewalks, and driveways.  Litter and debris to be blown into piles and collected.  It will never be blown back into vegetation.


All pop up and risertype sprinklers will be routinely inspected to ensure proper coverage, and adjusted as necessary.  Customer to be notified of watering requirement changes, or seasonal adjustments of irrigation controllers.  Above the tee sprinkler head repairs done automatically if less than $25.00.  Repairs exceeding $25.00 require customer approval, and will be performed on a time and materials basis.  Certified irrigation technicians on call for troubleshooting, emergencies, and repairs of all types.