Lawn Aeration


My Gardener performs yard cleanups and weekly gardening services.  But did you know we also can assist you with the following; making us your "one stop landscape service"!:

Pruning a Blood Good Maple
  • Complete landscape designs and consultations.  Come see our beautiful outside 1/2 acre showyard, it is one of a kind!  By appointment only, please call Steve Hansen at 510-773-1003 to set up an appointment.


  • Complete landscape services: Concrete/Drainage Systems/Sprinkler Systems/Deck and Arbors/Water Features, Ponds/BBQ's, Food Service Counters, Bars/Lighting/Sod Lawns/Plants and Trees 
  • Sprinkler system upgrades, repairs, replacement, and redesign
  • Sod lawn replacement
  • Aeration (plugging)
  • Tree and shrub planting

Lawn Repair
  • Annual flower planting
  • Firebreaks
  • Weed abatements
  • Shredded/Chipped bark installation

  • Applying snail bait.
  • Snail baiting and pest control
  • Tree staking
  • Pre-emergent weed control lawns/planting areas

  • Each crew has the most up to date equipment to handle your project needs professionally and properly.
    Small details are important to our success!

    Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs and custom tailor a gardening program or landscape to suit your needs.

    Give Steve a call today at 510-773-1003